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Is Marburg virus enzootic in Gabon?

Maganga G.D., Bourgarel M., Ebang Ella G., Drexler J.F., Gonzalez J.P., Drosten C., Leroy E.M.. 2011. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 204 : S800-S803.

DOI: 10.1093/infdis/jir358

Marburg virus (MARV) nucleic acid was detected in Rousettus aegyptiacus bats in 2005 and 2006 in the midwest and southeast of Gabon. In this study we used MARV-specific real-time reverse-transcription polyermase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and MARV-specific nested RT-PCR assay to screen 1257 bats caught during July 2009, December 2009, and June 2010 in 3 caves situated in northern Gabon. Nine specimens tested positive by the real-time assay, with cycle threshold values ranging from 35 to 39, of which only 1 R. aegyptiacus specimen collected in 2009 was positive in the nested VP35 RT-PCR assay. Together with MARV-positive bats in the south and west found in 2005 and 2006, confirmation of phylogenetically closely related MARV-positive bats 5 years later and in northern Gabon suggests that MARV is now enzootic in Gabon and emphasizes the importance of long-term monitoring of bat populations and human-bat interfaces.

Mots-clés : chiroptera; virus des animaux; genre humain; gabon; roussettus aegyptiacus

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