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Study on the epidemiology and histopathology of sarcoptic mange and ringworm in the one-humped camel in south of Morocco

Driot C., Kamili A., Faye B., Delverdier M., Tligui N.S.. 2011. Journal of Camel Practice and Research, 18 (1) : p. 107-114.

A study was carried out between April and May 2009 at the slaughterhouses of three Southern Moroccan towns. It aimed at collecting epidemiological data on mange and ringworm in the one-humped camel, and taking skin samples from sick animals in order to study the histopathological patterns of these dermatosis in this species. In total, 268 camels were examined, and skin samples were collected from 98 animals. On average 12% of all animals seen at the slaughterhouses, and 33% of animals with skin lesions suffered from mange. This disease was more frequent in older animals, without statistically significant differences between towns. Ringworm mean prevalence was 16% among all animals, 44% among animals with skin lesions. Most of the concerned camels were young. The histopathological patterns of mange and ringworm in the one-humped camel are similar to that described in the other domestic species. During the study, different overall clinical pictures of a single affection were observed.

Mots-clés : chameau; teigne; gale; maroc

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