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Aquaculture microbiology and biotechnology. Volume 2

Montet D. (ed.), Ray R.C. (ed.). 2011. Enfield : Science Publishers, 306 p..

Fish and shrimp producing industries generate huge amounts of wastes in form of viscera, scales, waste water, etc. Applications of microorganisms and/or microbesbased products have contributed significantly in solving many of these problems associated with aquaculture and waste management. This book addresses strategies for control of bacterial infection in farmed aquatic organism products. It covers: spoilage of fresh fish, microorganisms and processed seafoods, microbiological safety and quality of processed shrimps and fish and molecular detection of seafood borne human pathogenic bacteria. Contents : New strategies for the control of bacterial infections in marine fish larval rearing (Jose Pintado, Maria J. Prol, Jose Luis Balcazar, Miquel Planas, Pavlos Makridis). Probiotics in the larval culture of aquatic organisms (Bruno Gomez-Gil, Ana Roque, Sonia Soto-Rodriguez). Microbial degradation of seafood (Francoise Leroi, Jean-Jacques Joffraud). Microbiological safety and quality of processed shrimps and fishes (Md. Latiful Bari, Sabina Yeasmin, Shinichi Kawamoto and Kenji Isshiki). Molecular detection of seafood borne human pathogenic Bacteria (Robert E. Levin). Fermented fish and fish products: an overview (Smita H. Panda, R.C. Ray, Aly F. El Sheikha, Didier Montet, Wanchai Worawattanamateekul). Bioprospecting of marine microalgae, corals and microorganisms (V. Venugopal). Microbial remediation of fish and shrimp culture systems and their processing industry wastes (Wanchai Worawattanamateekul, R.C. Ray). Fish waste management; treatment methods based to the use of microorganisms (Ioannis S. Arvanitoyannis, Aikaterini Kassaveti, Theodoros Varzakas). Microbial reclamation of fish industry by-products (N. Bhaskar, N.M. Sachindra, P.V. Suresh, N.S. Mahendrakar)

Mots-clés : biotechnologie; flore microbienne; contamination biologique; qualité; microbiologie; gestion des déchets; déchet de poisson; poisson (aliment); produit de la pêche; produit à base de poisson; algue marine; aquaculture; monde

Thématique : Traitement et conservation des produits alimentaires; Production de la pêche; Production de l'aquaculture; Maladies des animaux; Contamination et toxicologie alimentaires


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