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Evaluation of the impacts of learning processes of a global extension approach in Benin: different potential impacts for different types of farmers

De Romemont A., Faure G., Macombe C.. 2011. In : Leena Savisalo (Ed.). 20th European Seminar on Extension Education (ESEE 2011): Private - public partnerships for advisory services in Europe, 30th August - 3rd September 2011, Kirkkonummi, Finland. Proceedings. Kirkkonummi : JTO School of Management, p. 204-210. European Seminar on Extension Education. 20, 2011-08-30/2011-09-03, Kirkkonummi (Finlande).

The objective of this communication is to present the first results of the evaluation of learning processes induced by a global extension approach to family farms in Benin, CEF. This evaluation, comparing producers before the beginning of the training and 1 year later, is based on the identification of the causal chain of changes in producers' management decisions and representations, leading to impacts both at household and farm levels. At this point, the communication will describe the results of the baseline work, showing that among the 33 producers interviewed, we have a very wide range of farming systems and set of resources, generally not linked to the level of formalization of strategic decisions at the farm management level.

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