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Phytoplasmas identical to coconut lethal yellowing phytoplasmas from Zambesia (Mozambique) found in a pentatomide bug in Cabo Delgado province

Dollet M., Macome F., Vaz A., Fabre S.. 2011. Bulletin of Insectology, 64 : p. S139-S140. Annual Meeting of the International Phytoplasmologist Working Group. 2, 2011-09-12/2011-09-15, Neustadt (Allemagne).

Phytoplasmas are associated with several syndromes of lethal yellowing type of coconut. Only in Florida the insect vector of the local coconut lethal yellows was identified to be Myndus crudus (Cixiidae). In Mozambique, phytoplasmas are associated with a coconut lethal yellowing type syndrome. In the Cabo Delagdo province, some pentatomids of the species Platacantha lutea were found carrying the same phytoplasmas as those identified in the diseased coconut on which they were found. As some pentatomids are vectors of other phloem-restricted pathogens associated with a coconut lethal yellowing type syndrome, hypothesis of a possible pentatomid as a vector is proposed. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : pentatomidae; cocos nucifera; phytoplasme; mozambique; jaunissement mortel; platacantha lutea

Thématique : Maladies des plantes

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