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Alien chromosome transmission and somatic elimination in monosomic addition lines of Gossypium australe F. Muell in G. hirsutum L.

Sarr D., Lacape J.M., Jacquemin J.M., Benbouza H., Toussaint A., Baudoin J.P., Mergeai G.. 2012. Euphytica, 183 (1) : p. 55-64.

DOI: 10.1007/s10681-011-0479-x

The efficiency of using monosomic alien addition lines (MAALs) to introgress agronomical traits of interest carried by wild diploid Gossypium species into the main cultivated cotton species G. hirsutum depends on the opportunities of confronting the alien chromosome with the recipient background genome at each generation and on the occurrence of translocations and homoeologous recombinations. The selfed-progeny of five MAALs of G. australe in G. hirsutum was screened with SSR markers to determine the transmission frequency of the alien chromosome and monitor its integrity. Three MAALs revealed a transmission frequency significantly lower than the expected ratio and one MAAL presented an exclusive transmission of the additional chromosome. In these four MAAL the alien chromosome was transmitted almost unaltered. With the fifth MAAL the alien chromosome was normally transmitted but was altered in half of the plants carrying it. In one MAAL, normally carrying brown fiber, the emergence of some plants carrying white and brown fiber revealed the somatic elimination of the additional chromosome. The loss of this chromosome seems to be triggered by its deletion. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : gossypium; gossypium hirsutum; belgique; gossypium australe

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