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Developing MPT information system and agroforestry models based on local knowledge in South India

Depommier D., Santoshagouda V.P., Grard P.. 2004. In : Book of abstracts, 1st World congress of agroforestry: Working together for sustainable land-use systems, 27 June - 2 July 2004, Orlando (USA). Gainesville : IFAS, p. 234-234. World Congress of Agroforestry. 1, 2004-06-27/2004-07-02, Orlando (Etats-Unis).

Agroforestry systems and tree plantations constitute an omnipresent component of the South Indian rural landscape, from its degraded arid and semiarid lands to its highly populated coastal and mountain areas. Unfortunately, little is known about the diversity, functioning and economic and ecological importance of these systems although their potential to contribute in sustainable development and poverty alleviation is considered very high. In this perspective, to promote the right trees and serve the design of appropriate models, a comprehensive database of the South Indian multipurpose trees was developed at the scale of the different agro-ecological zones of South India, through on-farm surveys and inventories. A total of 260 species with their main botanic, dendrometric, management, and utilization traits, including iconographic data, compose the basis of this information system, MARAM (a Multipurpose tree database for Agroforestry Research and Adaptive Management). Developed as a multimedia tool (CD Rom), it includes all the needed geographical and agro-ecological characterization and retrievable statistics resulting from data analysis, notably on tree management and uses. Finally, it provides the researchers and development actors with primary information on tree attributes and management from local knowledge under well defined agro-ecological conditions to design viable agroforestry models through adaptive management practices.
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