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The potential of climate change adjustment in crops: A synthesis

Redden R.J., Yadav S.S., Hatfield J.L., Prasanna B.M., Vasal S.K., Lafarge T.. 2011. In : Yadav Shyam S. (ed.), Redden Robert J. (ed.), Hatfield Jerry L. (ed.), Lotze-Campen Hermann (ed.), Hall A.E. (ed.). Crop adaptation to climate change. Chichester : Wiley-Blackwell [Royaume-Uni], p. 482-494.

This chapter covers a study on various field crops like cereals, legumes, oil seeds, vegetables, cash crops, underutilised crops, and energy crops and their genetic adjustment to changing climates. More than 30 major field crops have been covered in different chapters of this book, which highlights how the elevated CO2 levels, moisture stress due to drought, and the rising of temperature are creating big impacts on these crops. Thus, a synthesis on the potential of genetic adjustments across the crops has been carried out in this chapter. In brief the impact of drought, temperature, CO2 levels and future strategies for crop improvements have been highlighted. This chapter will provide an overview of crops potential to adjust to climate change, magnitude of future projections, and strategic approaches available to the scientific communities globally. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : plante de culture; changement climatique

Thématique : Météorologie et climatologie; Culture des plantes

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