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Feeding the world in 2050 : Key findings and hopes for policy making and agricultural research from the Agrimonde foresight project

Ronzon T., Treyer S., Dorin B., Caron P., Chemineau P., Guyomard H.. 2011. Food Ethics, 6 (3) : p. 17-19.

One of the key questions facing the planet is how to safely feed at an acceptable cost an estimated nine billion people in 2050, whilst protecting the environment, limiting the effects of agriculture on climate change, and coping with the effects of climate change itself. This is the question behind the Agrimonde foresight project1. The authors of this article explain how Agrimonde adopted a foresight approach in which researchers considered two scenarios describing sharply contrasting futures.

Mots-clés : sécurité alimentaire; technique de prévision; projet de recherche; politique agricole

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