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Differentiation between two sub-species of Acacia senegal complex: Acacia senegal (L.) Willd. and Acacia dudgeoni Craib ex Holland using morphological traits and molecular markers

Assoumane A., Zoubeirou A.M., Favreau B., Bezançon G., Saadou M., Verhaegen D.. 2012. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 59 (1) : p. 39-48.

DOI: 10.1007/s10722-011-9665-x

The Acacia senegal complex is formed by closely related species of Acacia senegal (L.) Willd. These species share several botanical characters, so from a morphological point of view, there is no clear discontinuity between some of them. A. dudgeoni Craib ex Holland is one species of the A. senegal complex that was formerly described as A. senegal ssp. senegalensis var. samoryana (A. Chev.) Rob. In order to differentiate Acacia senegal from A. dudgeoni, we analyzed a range of morphological traits such as tree height and diameter in natural stands, and, at the nursery stage, seedling height, number of branches, main root depth, biomass dry weight and leaf characteristics. Within addition, molecular polymorphism analyses were conducted using 11 microsatellite markers. Leaf characteristics and molecular markers appear to be the most effective tools to distinguish A. senegal from A. dudgeoni. These tools can improve our understanding of the relationship between two species belonging to the same species complex.

Mots-clés : acacia; acacia senegal; niger

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