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Complete genome sequence of a dahlia common mosaic virus isolate from New Zealand

Hadfield J., Linderme D., Shepherd D.N., Bezuidenhout M., Lefeuvre P., Martin D.P., Varsani A.. 2011. Archives of Virology, 156 (12) : p. 2297-2301.

Dahlia mosaic disease of the ornamental flowering plant Dahlia is caused by two caulimoviruses, dahlia mosaic virus (DMV) and dahlia common mosaic virus (DCMV). We used a rolling-circle amplification method to amplify, clone and determine for the first time the full genome sequence of a DCMV isolate from New Zealand (DCMV-NZ). Within the 7949-bp circular double-stranded retro-transcribing DCMV-NZ DNA, we identified six putative open reading frames, typical of all genomes in the family Caulimoviridae. The availability of the complete DCMV sequence provides a reference genome against which all others can be compared. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : génome; séquence nucléotidique; caulimovirus; dahlia; nouvelle-zélande; séquencage

Thématique : Maladies des plantes

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