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Swine influenza surveillance in East and Southeast Asia : A systematic review

Trévennec K., Cowling B.J., Peyre M.I., Baudon E., Martineau G.P., Roger F.. 2011. Animal Health Research Reviews, 12 (2) : p. 213-223.

DOI: 10.1017/S1466252311000181

East and Southeast Asia are important pig- and poultry-producing areas, where the majority of production takes place on small-scale farms with low biosecurity levels. This systematic review synthesizes data on swine influenza virology, serology and epidemiology in East and Southeast Asia. A total of 77 research articles, literature reviews and conference papers were selected and analyzed from 510 references retrieved from PubMed and ISI Web of KnowledgeSM. The number of published articles increased in the last 3 years, which may be attributed to improvement in monitoring and/or a better promotion of surveillance data. Nevertheless, large inequalities in surveillance and research among countries are underlined. Virological results represent the largest part of published data, while the serological and epidemiological features of swine influenza in East and Southeast Asia remain poorly described. The literature shows that there have been several emergences of swine influenza in the region, and also considerable evidence of multiple introductions of North American and avian-like European strains. Furthermore, several avian-origin strains are isolated from pigs, including H5 and H9 subtypes. However, their low seroprevalence in swine also shows that pigs remain poorly infected by these subtypes. We conclude that sero-epidemioligical investigations have been neglected, and that they may help to improve virological surveillance. Inter- and intracontinental surveillance of gene flows will benefit the region. Greater investment is needed in swine influenza surveillance, to improve our knowledge of circulating strains as well as the epidemiology and disease burden in the region.

Mots-clés : influenzavirus porcin; surveillance épidémiologique; transmission des maladies; porcin; oiseau; genre humain; virologie; sérologie; Épidémiologie; morbidité; commercialisation; facteur de risque; bibliographie; asie du sud-est; asie de l'est; Émergence

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