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Differential disease phenotype of begomoviruses associated with tobacco leaf curl disease in Comoros

Thierry M., Lefeuvre P., Hoareau M., Péréfarres F., Delatte H., Reynaud B., Martin D.P., Lett J.M.. 2012. Archives of Virology, 157 (3) : p. 545-550.

DOI: 10.1007/s00705-011-1199-1

In the 2000s, tobacco plantations on the Comoros Islands were afflicted with a previously unobserved tobacco leaf curl disease characterised by symptoms of severe leaf curling and deformation. Previous molecular characterization of potential viral pathogens revealed a complex of African monopartite tobacco leaf curl begomovirus (TbLCVs). Our molecular investigation allowed the characterization of a new monopartite virus involved in the disease: tomato leaf curl Namakely virus (ToLCNamV). Agroinoculation experiments indicated that TbLCVs and tomato leaf curl viruses (ToLCVs) can infect both tomato and tobacco but that infectivity and symptom expression fluctuate depending on the virus and the plant cultivar combination.

Mots-clés : nicotiana tabacum; géminivirus; virus des végétaux; begomovirus; comores; tobacco leaf curl virus

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