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Dynamics and farmers strategies for small ruminant market in Egypt

Alary V., Aboul-Naga A., El-Sheifa M., Abdelkrim N., Metawi H.A.. 2012. African Journal of Agricultural Research, 7 (1) : p. 115-122.

DOI: 10.5897/AJAR11.008

The main objective of the study was to identify the main driving factors of marketing strategies of farmers in link with the observations of change in the sheep and goat sector. A field survey on marketing strategies of small ruminants in Egypt was conducted in 2009 and 2010 at markets and farms' levels in different agro-ecological zones. The field data showed that breeders' market strategies had experienced important changes during the last decades due to different driving forces such as change in socioeconomic conditions of the producers and noticeable changes of consumption patterns. Sheep and goat activities are more and more considered as income diversification activities in the irrigated areas due to land fragmentation to face family needs. In the rainfed area, the marketing strategy of young males respond both at the increase of feed costs and the new demand from upper social class in the large towns and touristic areas. Unlike North African countries, Ramadan and Qurban Aïd periods might not constitute the main marketing period for small ruminants.

Mots-clés : ovin; caprin; commercialisation; système agropastoral; pastoralisme; agriculteur; exploitation agricole familiale; enquête; marché; enquête sur exploitations agricoles; environnement socioéconomique; consommation alimentaire; structure agraire; petits ruminants; système de production; Égypte

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