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Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy and molecular tools to evaluate land use impact on soil quality. A case study in a tropical ecosystem (altitude plains, Lao PDR)

Lienhard P., Joffre R., Maron P.A., Tivet F., Séguy L., Chabanne A., Legoupil J.C., Sayphoummie S., Leudphanane B., Lam A., Lelièvre M., Ranjard L.. 2011. In : INRA. 6th ISMOM (International Symposium on Interactions of Soil Minerals with Organic Components and Microorganisms) : Soil Interface in a Changing World, Montpellier, 26th June - 1st July 2011. s.l. : s.n., (25 vues). Soil Interfaces in a Changing World - ISMOM 2011. 6, 2011-06-26/2011-07-01, Montpellier (France).

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