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Assisted natural regeneration: a tool for degraded tropical forests

Marien J.N., Peltier R., Marquant B., Dubiez E.. 2011. In : Sist Plinio (ed.). Research priorities in tropical silviculture: towards new paradigms ? : IUFRO International Conference, Montpellier, France, 15-18 November 2011, Abstracts. Vienne : IUFRO, p. 85-85. IUFRO International Conference on Research Priorities in Tropical Silviculture, 2011-11-15/2011-11-18, Montpellier (France).

A major part of anthropic impacts on natural tropical forests in central Africa is related to unmanaged shifting agriculture and fuelwood extraction by local communities, mainly along access tracks (roads, rivers,...)and at the edge of forests. Assisted Natural Regeneration has been largely designed and used in dry countries. In a EU projet in DRC and Congo (Makala), we have adapted these techniques to shifting agriculture. We used the capacity of sprouts and seeds of remaining local forest species and induced specific management techniques amongst farmers. The results show a very good reactivity and regrowth of natural forest species with a low cost and low technicity involvement of farmers. Social acceptance is the most critical factor for successfull large scale development of such techniques. Such techniques can also be adaptated to industrial concessions in their efforts to rehabilitate deforested and/or unproductive areas and in their efforts towards sustainable management and certification.

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