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Role of bioinformatics as a tool

Rouard M., Carpentier S.C., Bocs S., Droc G., Argout X., Roux N., Ruiz M.. 2012. In : Pillay Michael (ed.), Ude George (ed.), Kole Chittaranjan (ed.). Genetics, genomics and breeding of bananas. Enfield : Science Publishers, p. 194-216. (Genetics, genomics and breeding of crop plants).

Bioinformatics plays an essential role in today's plant science mainly due to the exponential growth of genomic sequences generated by high-throughput sequencing technologies. The success of genomics has also fostered the emergence of complementary "omics" research areas and has led to the diversification of data. In this context, various approaches, software and databases have been developed to transform biological data into meaningful information, and some of them are used on a daily basis by scientists. Compared to model plant species, Musa is still at its early stage but useful tools have been established and are ready for much larger datasets that are expected in the near future. In this chapter, we introduce the resources and tools available to support Musa research, and bioinformatics topics such as gene annotation, transcriptomics, proteomics, and data integration are addressed.

Mots-clés : musa; bioinformatique; banque de données; génome; marqueur génétique; caractère agronomique; banque de gènes; expression des gènes; génie génétique; variation génétique; carte génétique; système d'information

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