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Status and development of instrument testing in the regions

Drieling A., Gourlot J.P.. 2012. In : Drieling Axel (ed.), Gourlot Jean-Paul (ed.). Commercial standardization of instrument testing of cotton with particular consideration of Africa : Final report of the project CFC/ICAC/33. Amsterdam : CFC, p. 27-31. (Technical Paper, 60).

At least eight countries in Eastern / Southern Africa and five in West / Central Africa undertook intense developments during the project duration in order to achieve an instrument based classification system for their cotton production, examples of which are through establishing responsible governmental organizations, or through installing laboratories, SITC instruments, and suitable laboratory conditioning. The CFC/ICAC/33 project enhanced awareness about instrument classing of cotton which motivated countries in Africa towards instrument testing. Countries took initiatives independently and the responsible organizations started improving on their own. The project assisted the self initiatives to fulfill their objectives.

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