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Power supply (Technical development study)

Gourlot J.P.. 2012. In : Drieling Axel (ed.), Gourlot Jean-Paul (ed.). Commercial standardization of instrument testing of cotton with particular consideration of Africa : Final report of the project CFC/ICAC/33. Amsterdam : CFC, p. 75-75. (Technical Paper, 60).

One basic and key requirement for a laboratory is to access to a permanent, stable electricity supply to run its equipments. However, local electricity generators are often used in many locations, and these devices were mainly installed to produce power for ginning plants that require a lot of power, but not in specific requirements that are needed for laboratories and their equipments (instrument, conditioning systems, balances ...). The aim is to form a basis for the development of a simple and universal system based on given technology to improve the reliability of the electricity supply for SITC instruments." [.../...].

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