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The fluidization behaviour of torrefied biomass in a cold model

Rousset P., Petithuguenin T., Rodrigues T.O., Azevedo A.C.. 2012. Fuel, 102 : p. 256-263.

DOI: 10.1016/j.fuel.2012.07.007

This experiment proposes a methodology to study the fluidization properties of torrefied biomass. The need for the experiment was highlighted by the impossibility of predicting the behaviour of amorphous, multi-dimensional biomass particles, despite the existence of the kinetic theory of granular flows related to fluidization. The tests were carried out in a cold flow fluidization bed chamber with an internal diameter of 150 mm, with air as the fluidizing medium, and a chamber height of up to 750 mm. Bed-pressure drop was measured as a function of superficial air velocity over a range of bed heights for each individual type of particle. The results showed that the pressure drop was mainly affected by particle size. Interaction between static bed height and temperature did not significantly affect the final results.

Mots-clés : eucalyptus; bois; sciure; particule de bois; dimension; bioénergie; traitement thermique; propriété physicochimique; pyrolyse; biomasse; hydrodynamique; bois énergie; torréfaction du bois; fluidisation

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