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The diversity of perceptions of the future of urban agriculture at Hanoi periphery

Tô Thi Thu Ha, Moustier P., Thi Thu Ha T., Nguyen Thi Tan Loc. 2012. In : Agriculture in an urbanizing society : International Conference on Multifonctional Agriculture and Urban-Rural Relations, Wageningen, The Netherlands, April 1st - 4th 2012. Programme book, book of abstracts. Wageningen : Wageningen UR, 1 p.. International Conference on Multifunctional Agriculture and Urban-Rural Relations, 2012-04-01/2012-04-04, Wageningen (Pays-Bas).

The diversity of perceptions of the future of urban agriculture at Hanoi periphery. The objective of the paper is to appraise how urban agriculture and its future are perceived in the eyes of a diversity of residents of Hanoi, including city planners, farmers and non farmers. It is based on surveys conducted in 2009 on 47 agricultural households, 14 heads of cooperatives, 83 non agricultural households, and 13 public officials in charge of agriculture in districts and communes. Questions related to relations between farmers and non farmers, perceived advantages and disadvantages of agriculture, preferences for different urban landscapes based on shown pictures (parks, vegetable gardens, buildings), perceived future of agriculture, perceived processes of urban planning. The main results are the following: Farmers and officials of agricultural departments are more optimistic about the future of urban agriculture than non farm residents. A majority of respondents, farmers as well as non farmers, feel that agriculture is good and should be maintained for food supply and employment. Residents do not really want to be involved in decisions on urban planning. Hence the likely extinction of urban agriculture may not be followed by reactions from Hanoi residents. But it is likely that most of them will miss it when it will be too late to maintain it. The survey has confirmed that proximity of supply is important in consumers' trust on vegetable safety. This should be better taken into account by farmers in the development and promotion of vegetable safety.(Résumé d' auteur)
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