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Managing forest resources to secure wood energy supply for urban centers: The case of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Dubiez E., Vermeulen C., Peltier R., Ingram V., Schure J., Marien J.N.. 2012. Nature and Faune, 26 (2) : p. 52-56.

The management of wood energy has become a major concern for the international community and is the focus of debates in Central Africa. The Makala Project, funded by the EU, fits within this context with the objective of securing the supply of wood energy to urban centers. Over the past three years, various forest resources management techniques have been designed and an assessment of the wood energy sector has been conducted in Kinshasa. Various technical itineraries have been proposed for the management of areas dedicated to the supply of wood energy at various levels, from the farming plot to the village land, and from the individual approach to the collective approach. This article provides a snapshot of the activities developed by the Makala Project to improve the management of periurban forest ecosystems and to secure the supply in wood energy.

Mots-clés : forêt tropicale; bois; bioénergie; zone périurbaine; zone urbaine; gestion des ressources; ressource forestière; aménagement forestier; introduction de plantes; acacia auriculiformis; projet de développement; Écosystème; régénération naturelle; bois énergie; république démocratique du congo; approvisionnement énergetique

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