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Forecasts for the 2012-13 avocado season. Less margin of growth, especially in the European market

Imbert E.. 2012. Fruitrop (English ed.) (203) : p. 45-51.

The supply volumes expected on the world market during the 2012-13 season should not hold any great surprises, unless there is an major meteorological event. Production in the South American exporting countries should continue to increase slightly during the winter season as the Mexican driving force is still very strong. Peruvian producers should take over from their Mexican counterparts in spring 2013 and in turn ship larger volumes than last year as new large orchard areas are coming into production. The total volumes expected in the Mediterranean region are not radically different to those of the preceding season.

Mots-clés : avocat; commerce extérieur; marché; donnée de production; pays de l'union européenne; israël; espagne; mexique; chili; maroc

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