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Investigations on the durability of two secondary Pine species(Pinus halepensis, Pinus uncinata) within the scope of the European natural durability standards revision

Thévenon M.F., Janah T., Rahouti M., Langbour P., Gérard J.. 2012. In : 2012 IUFRO Conference. Division 5 Forest products, 8-13 July 2012, Lisbon, Portugal : final program, proceedings and abstracts book. Vienne : IUFRO, p. 72-72. 2012 IUFRO Conference Division 5 Forest Products, 2012-07-08/2012-07-13, Lisbonne (Portugal).

Under the constant pressure to use timber, some wood species, previously considered as secondary and not economically important, are now taken into consideration. Two Pine species, Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis) and Mugo Pine (Pinus uncinata) are amongst these secondary timbers. While Aleppo Pine is usually reported as having a low natural durability, Mugo Pine is described as durable despite a lack of clear and/or consistent data on this crucial property for their end-uses. Aleppo Pine (from Morocco) and Mugo Pine (from France and Spain) were studied for their durability towards both fungi and termites. The tests were performed with or without accelerated ageing (leaching) according to the methods described in the EN 350-1 (Guide to the principles of testing and classification of the natural durability of wood) and normative documents associated to its revision. The results obtained are discussed within the scope of the European tests standards. Tests methods are compared and a proposal for these timbers classification is given for a future notification in the "Technical guide to natural durability and treatability of selected wood species of importance in Europe", former EN 350-2.

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