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Technological characteristics of 245 tropical and temperate timbers species

Paradis S., Guibal D., Vernay M., Beauchêne J., Brancheriau L., Châlon I., Daigremont C., Détienne P., Fouquet D., Langbour P., Lotte S., Mejean C., Thévenon M.F., Thibaut A., Gérard J.. 2012. In : 2012 IUFRO Conference. Division 5 Forest products, 8-13 July 2012, Lisbon, Portugal : final program, proceedings and abstracts book. Vienne : IUFRO, p. 191-191. 2012 IUFRO Conference Division 5 Forest Products, 2012-07-08/2012-07-13, Lisbonne (Portugal).

Developed by the Cirad's "Mediterranean and Tropical Forest Products Research Unit", the new release of TROPIX software (version 7) presents the main characteristics of 245 tropical or temperate wood species. For each species, TROPIX provides data and information on: the scientific and local names of the species described, their origins (distribution maps) and any commercial restriction according to the CITES regulation; appearance of the log or wood, including pictures of wood and wood utilisations; leading physical and mechanical properties; natural durability against fungi / dry wood borers / termites, and preservation; drying behaviour, including a drying schedule given for information; processing behaviour (sawing, machining, assembling); appearance grading and visual grading for structural applications; actual and potential uses and reaction to fire. Some of this information is displayed in graphical format. TROPIX 7 allows multicriteria search using preselected search terms or similarity to a different species. It also allows graphical species comparisons based on one or two physical or mechanical properties. Multicriteria searches results, graphics and technical sheets can be printed or exported as files.

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