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Mathematical analysis of vector-borne diseases on plants

Anguelov R., Lubuma J., Dumont Y.. 2012. In : Kang Meng Zhen (ed.), Dumont Yves (ed.), Guo Yan (ed.). Plant growth modeling, simulation, visualization and applications. Proceedings PMA12 : The Fourth International Symposium on Plant Growth Modeling, Simulation, Visualization and Applications, Shanghai, China, 31 October-3 November 2012. Piscataway : IEEE, p. 22-29. International Symposium on Plant Growth Modeling, Simulation, Visualization and Applications (PMA12). 4, 2012-10-31/2012-11-03, Shanghai (Chine).

Many models of vector borne infections diseases have been constructed and analyzed mathematically. The host populations in such models are typically animals. This work deals with the specific case of a plant host population taking roto consideration the particular properties of plants. The main epidemiological issues of transmission, persistency, thresholds, interventions, etc., are all considered in this setting and discussed on a representative set of two models - one epidemic and one endemic. The main properties of the models are formulated as theorems and illustrated via computer simulations. In particular, we provide some threshold parameters that summarize the dynamics of the system and help to choose appropriate and efficient control tools or strategies for crop protection. The full proofs of the theorems are omitted but their main ideas are discussed in some detail. (Résumé d'auteur)

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