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Modelling the Minsky triad: A framework to perform reflexive MandS studies

Bonte B., Müller J.P., Duboz R.. 2012. s.l. : s.n., 12 p.. Winter Simulation Conference, 2012-12-09/2012-12-12, Berlin (Allemagne).

In this paper, we propose a general framework to evaluate models of systems that are ill defined, incompletely known, and furthermore, which cannot be experimented in real conditions, such as the economical systems at the country scale, epidemics (for obvious ethical reasons) or any natural disasters, for instance where human lives are the main issue. Our framework relies on the generic Marvin Minsky's definition of a model and its specification in the frame of the Theory of Modelling and Simulation, initiated by B.P. Zeigler. Such a dynamic system implementation of the Marvin Minsky's model definition, we called the Minsky triad model, enables to address original questions. The Minsky triad model is a coupled model composed of the model of a real system, the model of this later model, and, in between, the model of the user of the later model. We argue that the Minsky triad model is very promising as a framework to design and to evaluate decision support systems for crisis management.

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