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In vitro screening of four genotypes of citrus for salt tolerance : S08P07

Chetto O., Dambier D., Fadli A., Talha T.A., Benkirane R., Benyahia H.. 2012. In : Navarro Luis (ed.). XII International Citrus Congress : Book of abstract. Riverside : ISC, p. 122-123. International Citrus congress "Citrus and health. 12, 2012-11-18/2012-11-23, Valence (Espagne).

Soil and water salinity is an important abiotic stress that can affect both production and quality of citrus. The use of tolerant rootstocks in these conditions would be the solution the most used. The objective of this study was to compare in vitro behavior of four citrus genotypes in terms of tolerance to salinity. The genotypes used were 'Cleopatra' mandarin, 'Chios' mandarin, 'Shamouti' orange and 'Star Ruby' grapefruit. Salt tolerance was evaluated by determination of callus and suspension cells growth, the fresh and dry weight, water content and chloride ion content after one month of culture in solid and liquid media supplemented with NaCl at different concentrations: 50, 100, 150 and 200 mM. At 0 mM NaCl, the results revealed that callus of the four genotypes tested have a similar behavior in term of tolerance to salinity as the suspension cells. However, a differential behavior was observed at high salt concentrations depending on genotypes and the nature of medium. (Texte intégral)

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