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Preselection of promising triploid mandarin varieties in Corsica : S17P13

Bouffin J., Froelicher Y., Luro F., Ollitrault P.. 2012. In : Navarro Luis (ed.). XII International Citrus Congress : Book of abstract. Riverside : ISC, p. 312-313. International Citrus congress "Citrus and health. 12, 2012-11-18/2012-11-23, Valence (Espagne).

The selection of seedless mandarin varieties adapted to the European market is one of the main objectives of the CIRAD breeding program. Triploid hybrid creation is the method selected to develop seedless varieties. More than one thousand triploid progenies are currently evaluated at the San Giuliano Research Station in Corsica. There were created by 2x X 2x hybridization exploiting spontaneous 2n gametes. The objective of a first set of crosses with clementine as female parent was to select clementine-like varieties, in order to extend the production period of this crop in Corsica. Seven hybrids were preselected at the end of the first level of evaluation according to the visual and organoleptic fruit characteristics, the period of production and the yield. There are currently under the second level of evaluation to analyse their agronomic behaviour. One of this hybrids is under D.U.S. examination for the grant of Community plant variety rights. The objective of a more recent second set of crosses is to develop late mandarin varieties. Several progenies, with different mandarins as female parent, present interesting fruit characteristics. One of them, with short juvenile period and very high yield, is preselected for the second stage of evaluation. (Texte integral)

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