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Capture-recapture as a tool to assess animal disease surveillance: The example of foot-and-mouth disease in Cambodia

Vergne T., Goutard F., Holl D., Bellet C., Roger F., Grosbois V., Dufour B.. 2011. Epidémiologie et Santé Animale (59-60) : p. 29-29. International Conference on Animal Health and Surveillance. 1, 2011-05-17/2011-05-20, Lyon (France).

We performed a two-source capture-recapture analysis on foot-and-mouth disease in Svay Rieng province (Cambodia) to estimate the number of outbreaks that occurred in this province in 2009. As the first source, we used the list of infected villages that were reported to the national level, and as the second source, we used a protocol designed specifically for this analysis that was based on a participatory approach in villages selected by a targeted strategy. We developed a case matching protocol to be consistent with the outbreak definition of the OIE, and in so doing, we estimated that the number of FMD outbreaks in Svay Rieng province in 2009 was 11.3 (CI95% 7.0-29.4), and that the sensitivity of the report to the national level was 0.66 (CI95% 0.27-1.00).

Mots-clés : fièvre aphteuse; surveillance épidémiologique; Évaluation du risque; capture animale; Épidémiologie; enquête pathologique; participation communautaire; approches participatives; cambodge

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