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A modular simulation tool to help designing epidemics surveillance: Work in Progress

Bonte B., Duboz R.. 2011. Epidémiologie et Santé Animale (59-60) : p. 377-379. International Conference on Animal Health and Surveillance. 1, 2011-05-17/2011-05-20, Lyon (France).

There is nowadays a need of new surveillance systems, lighter, cheaper and quantitatively evaluated. Hence, new statistical tools are being developed and new surveillance systems are being designed. Then, raise the issues of evaluating these new surveillance systems and build a clear view of their implementation, shared by researchers, actors and decision makers. In order to address these issues, we are building a modular and multi-formalisms simulation tool that allows simulating both the disease spread, and its surveillance. This simulation tools is a framework that can be used in two ways: Firstly to visualize at the same time epidemic spread and surveillance on didactic interfaces; and secondly to perform intensive simulation plans in order to test surveillance protocols in different scenarios. This is a work in progress; the basic structure has been implemented using Discrete Event System specification and the Virtual Laboratory Environment software system. Future work will be to implement a case study and to introduce the disease control component, which is essential to surveillance evaluation. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : modèle mathématique; modèle de simulation; surveillance épidémiologique

Thématique : Sciences et hygiène vétérinaires : considérations générales; Maladies des animaux; Méthodes mathématiques et statistiques

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