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100 days in the life of a tsetse fly

Charbonnier G., Launois M., Bentaleb R., Bouyer J., Camus E., Debernard J.F., De La Rocque S., Duvallet G., Jacquemin J.L., Karembe H., Lancelot R., Mitchell M., Holm Rannaleet A., Tranier M., Delobel G.. 2012. Montpellier : CIRAD, 55 p.. (Les savoirs partagés).

The tsetse fly tells her story of how she became an involuntary vector trasmitting trypanosomes. The parasites cause Nagana disease in cattle throughout sub-Saharan Africa and sleeping sickness in humans in some thirty African countries. Contents: Introduction. The encapsulated egg. A three-stage larva. A ten second birth. The pupa in place. The very young fly. A fly different from other flies. An assessment of my senses before the encounter. Mating before eating. The vital blood meal. My preferred habitat. Slow and thorough digestion. Four stroke ovaries. A different meal. Under the influence. Taking a closer look. A herd in bad shape. Attacking a human. Nothing to be proud of. The beginning of the end. An unexpected conclusion. A disease shared between animals and humans. The high cost of cohabitation. SOS Initiative, Uganda, IKARE Ltd, Ceva Santé Animale: Together, beyond animal health. Cirad's contribution

Mots-clés : glossina; trypanosomose; zoonose; développement biologique; nutrition animale; reproduction; vecteur de maladie; transmission des maladies; bovin; genre humain; afrique au sud du sahara; ouganda

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