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Seed-coat fragments effect on carded cotton yarn evenness

Krifa M., Vydelingum V., Gourlot J.P., Frydrych R.. 2000. In : Dugger Paul (ed.), Richter Debbie (ed.). 2000 Proceedings. Beltwide Cotton Conferences, January 4-8, San Antonio. Memphis : NCC, p. 1538-1542. Beltwide Cotton Conferences, 2000-01-04/2000-01-08, San Antonio (Etats-Unis).

Since most yarn defects translate directly into fabric imperfections, high-quality yarn is a necessary prerequisite for high-quality fabrics. It is therefore essential to identify different sources of yarn defects and attempt to improve yarn quality. This paper describes the highly significant contribution made by Seed Coat Fragments in all types of cotton yarn imperfections as detected by capacitive-sensor evenness tester. Different yarn quality parameters are shown to be significantly related to SCF.

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