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Specific surface area of some standard cotton fiber and its relation to physical properties

Kaewprasit C., Abidi N., Gourlot J.P., Douillard J.M.. 1999. In : National Cotton Council. Proceedings of the Beltwide Cotton Conference, Orlando, USA, January 3-7, 1999. s.l. : s.n., p. 718-720. Beltwide Cotton Conferences, 1999-01-03/1999-01-07, Orlando (Etats-Unis).

The specific surface area of 6 ICCS fibers, B-26, C-36, D-5, E-4, G-17 and I-26 was measured by means of methylene blue adsorption in liquid phase. The adsorption isotherm was hold at 25(C and during 24 hours. The concentration of methylene blue was in the range 0.004 - 0.18 g l-1 for each isotherm. The surface area of these standard cottons were found 32.32, 32.42, 34.48, 52.72, 43.96 and 29.91 m2 g-1 respectively. Physical properties of these cottons such as crystallinity (determined by X-ray diffractoin) and fineness (measured by gravimetric method, FMT 3 and AFIS) were measured in order to establish the relationships between the surface areas of six standard cottons and their physical properties.

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