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Phenotyping and genotyping genetic resources of Coffea Arabica at IAPAR. FAO collection

Charmetant P., Ferreira R., Andrade G., Dos Santos M.A., Marraccini P., Leroy T., Pot D., De Bellis F., Sera T., Protasio Pereira L.F.. 2013. In : Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Coffee Science, San José, Costa Rica, 12th-16th November 2012. Paris : ASIC, p. 1419-1423. International Conference on Coffee Science. 24, 2012-11-11/2012-11-16, San José (Costa Rica).

The genetic diversity of C. arabica in Ethiopia, its region of origin, was explored. Its use for C. arabica breeding, though limited to a few F1 crosses with cultivars, proved to be efficient in terms of genetic gain regarding important coffee agronomic characteristics such as vigor, adaptability and quality. A collection derived from the 1964-65 FAO survey in Ethiopia was established at IAPAR in Londrina, PR, Brazil in 1976. Genotyping was undertaken using SSR markers that were polymorphic within these accessions. Preliminary results regarding the relation between genetic and phenotypic diversity are presented. Self pollinated progenies of 179 plants representing 115 Ethiopian accessions were established at IAPAR, from 2009 to 2012. 47 of them were also established at CPAC, DF. Various growth parameters were measured.

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