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Global health risks and cosmopolitisation: from emergence to interference

Figuié M.. 2013. Sociology of Health and Illness, 35 (2) : p. 227-240.

According to Beck's 'World at Risk' theory, global risks push nations towards a cosmopolitisation of their health policy and open opportunities for a democratic turn. This article provides an empirical analysis of Beck's theory, based on the experience of Vietnamese authorities from 2003 to 2007 in managing the emerging avian flu virus. It shows how Vietnam's framing of avian flu has shifted, under the pressure from international organisations and the US administration, from an epizootic and zoonotic risk (or a classic risk) to a pandemic threat (or a late modern risk). Vietnam's response was part of its overall strategy to join the World Trade Organization and it was limited by Vietnam's defence of its sovereignty. This strategy has been successful for Vietnam but has limited the possibility of cosmopolitan and democratic transformations. The case study highlights the constructed dimension of risks of late modernity and their possible instrumentalisation: it minimises the role of a community of fear relative to a community of trade. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : organisation internationale; mondialisation; gestion du risque; danger pour la santé; politique sanitaire; santé publique; influenzavirus aviaire; viet nam

Thématique : Sciences et hygiène vétérinaires : considérations générales; Maladies des animaux; Autres thèmes

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