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Chemical composition and insecticidal activity of essential oils of two aromatic plants from ivory coast against Bemisia tabaci g. (hemiptera: Aleyrodidae)

Tia V.E., Adima A.A., Niamké S., Jean G.A., Martin T., Lozano Y., Menut C.. 2011. Natural Product Communications, 6 (8) : p. 1183-1188.

Essential oils of aromatic plants with insecticidal properties are nowadays considered as alternative insecticides to protect cultures from attack by insect pest. The aims of the present work were to evaluate the toxicity of the essential oils vapors of two aromatic plants (Lippia multiflora Mold. and Aframomum latifolium K. Schum) against Bemisia tabaci and to characterize their chemical composition. The highest fumigant toxicity against B. tabaci adults was observed with the L. multiflora oil: by exposure to 0.4 ?L/L air, the lethal time inducing 90% mortality (LT90) was below 2 hours for this essential oil whereas it reached 15 h in the case of the A. latifolium oil. Both oils were analyzed by GC-FID and GC-MS on two capillary columns. The oil of L. multiflora contained a majority of oxygenated terpenoids mainly represented by the two acyclic components linalool (46.6%) and (E)-nerolidol (16.5%); the oil of A. latifolium was dominated by hydrocarbonated terpenoids among them -pinene (51.6%) and -caryophyllene (12.3%) were the two major components.

Mots-clés : huile essentielle; insecticide d'origine végétale; lippia; aframomum; bemisia tabaci; composition chimique; lippia multiflora; côte d'ivoire; aframomum latifolium

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