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Virtual Environment Simulations (VES) with MABS: An approach to tame tardiness in java-based simulation systems

Taranti P.G., De Lucena C.J.P., Choren R., Bommel P.. 2012. s.l. : s.n., 14 p.. International Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems and Simulation. 6, 2012-09-09/2012-09-12, Wroclaw (Pologne).

Virtual Environment Simulations (VES) are a spe--? cial type of simulation, often used to implement games and serious games with virtual space representation. An example of serious games is the simulation used to support War Games. MABS is suitable to implement these simulation due to their ability to handle complexity and to consider individual actors. However, the simulation time managment in this simulation is challenging, especially because of the existence of tardiness in the system. These situation is worst in java--?based MABS, because of Java technology particularities. This paper presents an approach to tame this tardiness and help the development of these VES for War games, using agent oriented paradigm.

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