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Urbanisation and the sustainability of food systems

Gaigné C., Capt D., Faguer E., Frappier L., Hilal M., Hovelaque V., Le Cotty T., Parrot L., Schmitt B., Soulard C.T.. 2013. In : Esnouf Catherine (ed.), Russel Marie (ed.), Bricas Nicolas (ed.). Food system sustainability : Insights from duALIne. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, p. 115-135.

When dealing with the sustainability of food systems, the spatial dimension merits particular attention. On the one hand, growing urbanisation and urban sprawl in different parts of the world raise questions regarding the sustainability of food supply systems for urban populations. On the other hand, the location of different activities in food systems has a strong effect on the environmental assessment of food systems. This chapter is distinctive from current scientific literature insofar as the sustainability of food systems is analysed, first, in terms of food supplies to cities, and second, by focusing on location strategies relative to production, processing and distribution activities linked to urban dynamics.

Mots-clés : alimentation humaine; production alimentaire; urbanisation; sécurité alimentaire; analyse de système; durabilité; circuit de commercialisation; zone urbaine; secteur agroindustriel; politique alimentaire; politique publique

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