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How do we 'see' and how do we 'evaluate' the 'traditional' dairy sector? a systemic approach of dairy chain

Duteurtre G.. 2013. In : Alary Véronique (ed.), Galal Salah (ed.), Tourrand Jean-François (ed.). Proceedings report of the Workshop : Interdisciplinary Approach of Urban and Per?urban Traditional Dairy Chain : Project DAIRY. AIRD Young Teams 2012¿]2014. s.l. : s.n., p. 53-58. Workshop : Interdisciplinary Approach of Urban and Per-urban Traditional Dairy Chain, 2012-06-10/2012-06-14, Le Caire (Egypte).

In Africa and Mediterranean countries, dairy chains are undergoing a very rapid structural transformation. Because of the important role of "traditional milk chains" in providing employment to poor households and products of specific quality to consumers, it is important to analyze those chains in a comprehensive manner. The "PAPI" framework proposes a systemic approach to those dairy chains based on various multi-disciplinary experiences. The PAPI acronym stands for "Products", "Actors", Performances" and "Institutions" that constitute the 4 dimensions of the framework. Various tools are proposed to conduct local studies including each of those dimensions.

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