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Tropical root and tuber crops

Lebot V.. 2010. In : Willy H. Verheye. Soils, plant growth and crop production, volume 2 : EOLSS UNESCO On line encyclopeida of life support systems. Oxford : Eloss Publishers, 9 p..

The tropical root and tuber crops (cassava, sweet potato, yams and aroids) are of utmost importance for the world food security. They are major sources of energy in developing countries with fast population growth and high urbanization rates. They are the staple food for hundreds of millions of poor people. These crops are expected to contribute significantly to the increased income génération and nutritional well-being of people in the tropics in the next decades. However, low productivité, limited added value and poor access to markets due to their perishable nature, are major constraints which are still insufficiently addressed. This paper présents an overview of the history, crop description, breeding aspects, agronomy and uses of these tropical root crops.

Mots-clés : manihot esculenta; dioscorea; ipomoea batatas; légume racine

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