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Promotion of aromatic orchids endemic to the Mascarene Islands within a framework of sustainable development

Blambert L., Mallet B., Palama T.L., Couprie J., Shum Cheong Sing A., Grisoni M., Suzanne W., Chatel A., Humeau L., Pailler T.. 2013. South African Journal of Botany, 86 : p. 173-173.

DOI: 10.1016/j.sajb.2013.02.129

Jumellea fragrans and Jumellea rossii, both named "Faham", are two epiphytic orchids endemic to the Mascarene Islands (Reunion, Mauritius) widely used for their aromatic and medicinal properties. Cultivation of these orchids is currently non-existent, so gathering and poaching in natural populations provide the supply. Continued use of this resource and the reduction of its natural habitat now result in a drastic decline of its natural populations. In order to prevent the decline of these taxa, to preserve its natural evolution in the wild, and to answer to the local consumers demand, we initiate a multidisciplinary project. The main aim of the so-called "ORCHIFAH" project is to provide the scientific background requisite for the production of Faham at an industrial level. An ecological approach is set to characterise the environmental conditions (light, temperature, watering) for an optimal biomass production. In vitro conditions of asymbiotic germination are currently determined. The biochemical components variation of populations of the two species are analysed by RMN spectrometry. The development of an appropriated extractive mode of volatile compounds is planned. All this information will help us to accurately characterise the biology of Faham and the conditions of its production, essential prerequisites for the development of an agricultural production chain. The results will also allow us to determine the conservation status of the species and recommendations for the management of wild populations. The poster will explicit the different steps of the implementation of an agricultural production chain. The first results in each field will be presented. (Texte intégral)

Mots-clés : orchidaceae; plante de culture; utilisation; projet de développement; conservation des ressources; pratique culturale; développement durable; extraction; composé de la flaveur; composé volatil; herbe aromatique; plante médicinale; réunion; maurice; france; jumellea fragrans; jumellea rossii

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