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Utilizing Cypress to improve the decay and termite resistance of OSB panels

Amusant N., Arnould O., Depres A., Mansouris R.H., Pizzi T., Baudasse C.. 2008. In : IRG. 39th International Research Group on Wood Protection Annual Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey, 25-29 May 2008. s.l. : s.n., 11 p.. numero_rapport: IRG/WP 08-10658. International Research Group on Wood Preservation Annual Meeting. 39, 2008-05-25/2008-05-29, Istanbul (Turquie).

OSB panels were manufactured with mixture of pine and cypress heartwood and lignin and tannin based resins in order to propose an eco-friendly wood composite. The resistance of OSB panels was tested against Reticulitermes santonensis according to the EN 118 and EN 117 standards and field tests methods. OSB made from cypress showed more resistance against the tested termite, the resistance decreased as the percentage of pine increased. The degree of attack differed according the choice of standard procedure. The field test results revealed that in exterior conditions and when the termites had a feeding choice, all mixtures showed the same behaviour.

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