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Antinomic natural self-protection mechanism in long-lasting woods: a case study with three tropical species from French Guiana

Rodrigues A.M.S., Royer M., Amusant N., Beauchêne J., Herbette G., Eparvier V., Thibaut A., Espindola L.S., Thibaut B., Stien D.. 2009. In : IRG. 40th Annual Meeting of the International Research Group on Wood Protection, Beijing, China, 24-28 may 2009. Stockholm : IRG, 11 p.. numero_rapport: IRG/WP 09-10696. Annual Meeting of the International Research Group on Wood Protection. 40, 2009-05-24/2009-05-28, Pékin (Chine).

We demonstrate in this work through 3 examples that Amazonian trees may specialize longlasting woods by means of at least to different approaches. Wallaba impregnates its wood with large amounts of weakly antifungal compounds acting in synergy, while tatajuba and louro vermelho woods are naturally impregnated with antifungal agents. Comparison of biological activities in vitro and concentrations in the woods indicate that these compounds alone may account for the natural durability of the two woods.

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