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An integrated and modular model for simulating and evaluating how canopy architecture can help reduce fungicide applications

Fournier C., Pradal C., Abichou M., Andrieu B., Bancal M.O., Bedos C., Benoit P., Chambon C., Chapuis R., Cotteux E., Mamy L., Paveley N., Pot V., Saint-Jean S., Richard C., Sinfort C., Ter Halle A., Van Den Berg E., Walker A.S.. 2013. In : Eds. Risto Sievänen, Eero Nikinmaa, Christophe Godin, Anna Lintunen, Pekka Nygren. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Functional-Structural Plant Models (FSPM2013), Saariselkä, Finland, 9-14 June 2013. Vantaa : Finnish Society of Forest Science, p. 345-348. International Conference on Functional-Structural Plant Models. 7, 2013-06-09/2013-06-14, Saariselkä (Finlande).

An integrated model coupling architectural canopy development, disease dynamics, pesticide application, pesticide decay and effect of pesticide on disease dynamics has been developed. It allows simulation of the dynamics of epidemics overall a growth season, together with the evaluation of impacts on environment, yield reduction and erosion of pesticide efficiency. This tool allows for a multi-criteria evaluation of different fungicide applications strategies and for designing new strategies that reduce pesticide applications by increasing natural resistance linked to canopy architecture.

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