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Integrative models for analyzing jointly shoot growth and branching patterns

Peyhardi J., Costes E., Caraglio Y., Lauri P.E., Trottier C., Guédon Y.. 2013. In : Eds. Risto Sievänen, Eero Nikinmaa, Christophe Godin, Anna Lintunen, Pekka Nygren. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Functional-Structural Plant Models (FSPM2013), Saariselkä, Finland, 9-14 June 2013. Vantaa : Finnish Society of Forest Science, p. 207-209. International Conference on Functional-Structural Plant Models. 7, 2013-06-09/2013-06-14, Saariselkä (Finlande).

The branching pattern of a shoot may be influenced by numerous factors varying along the shoot such as the internode length, the leaf surface or the local curvature. We introduce a generalization of hidden semi-Markov chains for categorical response variables that incorporates explanatory variables varying with the index parameter. Using this model, we demonstrate the influence of the growth pattern of a shoot on its immediate branching.

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