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Potential valorization of wood extractives from waste products of steam distillation of Aniba rosaeodora: antitermitic activity

Amusant N., Digeon A.. 2013. In : IRG. 44th IRG Annual Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden, 16-20 June 2013. s.l. : s.n., p. 1-4. IRG Annual Meeting. 44, 2013-06-16/2013-06-20, Stockholm (Suède).

Aniba rosaeodora, is a slow growing evergreens of the Lauraceae family which are indigenous over a wide range of the Greater Amazon Region (the Guianas and Venezuela, Brazilian Amazon¿). The essential oil obtained from the wood has a characteristic aroma and is a long-established ingredient in the more expensive perfumes. The wood is also composed with alkaloid compounds like anibin. These compounds contribute to the protection of the wood against insects and fungi. This work is focused on the valorization of steam distillated sawdust; the sawdust was extracted with methanol in order to study the antitermitic activity of the extract. The methanolic extract shows an efficacy against termites at low concentrations according to the EN 117 standard.

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