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Sustainable electricity generation for rural and peri-urban populations of sub-Saharan Africa: The "flexy-energy" concept

Azoumah Y., Yamegueu D., Ginies P., Coulibaly Y., Girard P.. 2011. Energy Policy, 39 (1) : p. 131-141.

Access to energy is known as a key issue for poverty reduction. Electrification rate of sub-Saharan countries is one of the lowest among the developing countries. However, this part of the world has natural energy resources that could help raising its access to energy, then its economic development. An original ''flexy-energy'' concept of hybrid solar PV/diesel/biofuel power plant, without battery storage, is performed in this paper. This concept is developed in order to not only make access to energy possible for rural and peri-urban populations in Africa (by reducing the electricity generation cost) but also to make the electricity production sustainable in these areas. For landlocked countries like Burkina Faso, this concept could help them reducing their electricity bill (then their fuel consumption) and accelerate their rural and peri-urban electrification coverage. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : pauvreté; population rurale; population urbaine; développement durable; zone périurbaine; zone urbaine; Énergie renouvelable; biocarburant; Énergie solaire; ressource énergétique; Électrification; gestion énergétique; production énergétique; burkina faso; afrique au sud du sahara; afrique

Thématique : Sources d'énergie renouvelable; Ressources énergétiques et leur gestion; Génie rural

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