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Farming system modelling and conservation agriculture (CA) adoption: intensification : risks, resilience and strategies: an example in the Lake Alaotra in Madagascar

Penot E., Bar M., Benz M., Domas R.. 2011. In : Resilient food systems for a changing world : Proceedings of the 5th World Congress on conservation agriculture, incorporating 3rd International farming systems design Conference, 26-29th September 2011, Brisbane, Australia. Canberra : ACIAR, p. 418-419. World Congress on Conservation Agriculture. 5, 2011-09-26/2011-09-29, Brisbane (Australie).

Mots-clés : agriculture alternative; gestion du risque; Élevage; système de culture; arachis hypogaea; manihot esculenta; adoption de l'innovation; madagascar; agriculture de conservation; lac alaotra

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