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Texture and organic carbon contents do not impact amount of carbon protected in Malagasy soils

Razafimbelo-Andriamifidy T., Chevallier T., Albrecht A., Chapuis-Lardy L., Rakotondrasolo F.N., Michellon R., Rabeharisoa R.L., Bernoux M.. 2013. Scientia Agrícola, 70 (3) : p. 204-208.

DOI: 10.1590/S0103-90162013000300009

Soil organic carbon (SOC) is usually said to be well correlated with soil texture and soil aggregation. These relations generally suggest a physical and physicochemical protection of SOC within soil aggregates and on soil fi ne particles, respectively. Because there are few experimental evidences of these relations on tropical soils, we tested the relations of soil variables (SOC and soil aggregate contents, and soil texture) with the amount of SOC physically protected in aggregates on a set of 15 Malagasy soils. The soil texture, the SOC and water stable macroaggregate (MA) contents and the amount of SOC physically protected inside aggregates, calculated as the difference of C mineralized by crushed and intact aggregates, were characterized. The relation between these variables was established. SOC content was signifi cantly correlated with soil texture (clay+fi ne silt fraction) and with soil MA amount while protected SOC content was not correlated with soil MA amount. This lack of correlation might be attributed to the highest importance of physicochemical protection of SOC which is demonstrated by the positive relation between SOC and clay+fi ne silt fraction.

Mots-clés : sol tropical; matière organique du sol; conservation des sols; texture du sol; stockage; carbone; propriété physicochimique du sol; unité structurale du sol; madagascar

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